Hi, sweet Mama. I see you. Yes, you. Crying those tears of fear, worry, and frustration.   

Hey Dad, I see you too. You’re trying to stay strong, but you are worried too. You’ve been up all night trying to soothe your crying baby.   

The formula you are using isn’t agreeing with your little one. You’re worried. You know in your gut you need to switch, but have no idea how to choose a new formula. 

You’ve had so many sleepless nights, doctor’s visits, and you’ve googled everything. You are just looking for answers. A solution that will finally work. And an end to all of this stress and worry. 

This course will help!

I’ve helped countless moms and dads navigate this overwhelming and heart-wrenching journey of trying to figure out which formula is best for their baby.  

This course helps you understand nutrition facts and why some ingredients may be right (or not!) for your baby based on my years of experience guiding families through formula tolerance issues. 

Imagine NOT worrying about your baby's formula.

Better yet, imagine feeling CONFIDENT and EMPOWERED about it! 

Less time worrying means more time snuggling! 

Bridget Young, PhD

I’ve worked with countless families working through formula tolerance issues, helping them find the perfect feeding solution for their baby. As a mom of two boys, I understand how stressful infant feeding (and all the gassy, messy issues that come along with it) can be! 

I’ve brought my passion and experience to this course to help you understand the science of baby formula. I break down my signature, step-by-step method to give you all the tools you need to choose and work through all your formula issues with confidence! 

Included In This Amazing Course:

Everything you need to know to pick and switch baby formulas like a pro. 

Six lessons you can watch or listen to at your convenience, downloadable notes included!

2.5 hours total commitment means you can watch or listen to the entire series during a long nap (if you're lucky)!

The right information, right away with no more endless internet searching for the answers you need now.

Dr. Young's Switching Formula Workbook

  • Step-by-step instructions on how to implement everything you've learned to choose and switch baby formulas with confidence.
  • All the worksheets you need to choose a formula today!
  • Tools to track how your baby tolerates the new formula. No more second guessing.

Baby Formula Brand Cheatsheet. A break-down of all the name brand and generic formulas in once place so you can make your choice based on nutrition without a single black-hole internet search!

  • This powerful information is literally not available anywhere else on the entire internet!

Three BONUS Lessons:

  • Generic & European Formulas
  • Designer Ingredients
  • A Message for Moms who Hoped to Exclusively Breastfeed

Lifetime Access to the course, including future updates from me!

"We started **New Formula** on Saturday and its been great so far, no fussing, constipation, or projectile vomiting (THANK YOU!!!!!).  

I can't thank you enough for the amazing wealth of knowledge. It has been invaluable in decreasing my stress on switching to formula before going back to work.

Even more so, you have saved my little man from a lot of useless and painful trial and error by giving me some science (I LOVE!) to base my decisions on. 

The proof is in the pudding (or formula I guess), I have a happy, calm, pooping, peeing lil angel on my hands so I can go back to work worry free! You are a lifesaver, please keep up the amazing work."  

- Lindsey, Mother to Camden (2 months) 

"I was so desperate and felt so helpless when it came to helping Dean with his issues. And I had absolutely no clue what I was doing when it came to picking out a formula, what to look for, or where to start.

Our pediatrician is a great doctor but he didn't have the extensive nutritional training that you've had, so I felt I wasn't really getting the answer I needed on what formula would be best for Dean.

But after I … found you … I felt I landed on the gold mine! You explained everything that a parent should look for, and in terms that were easy to understand, so that I felt I could make a well informed decision on what would be best for Dean.

You should know you're helping so many parents and precious little babies, and I for one am very grateful."

- Khatera, mother to Dean 

"Thank you so so so very much! I mean I can not have enough so's in that sentence... I have been agonizing over what to do and just getting (a) few simple fixes to start with brings me so much relief.

Being a new mom is already stressful add the internet and the amount of options that are out there triples that stress. I am already going to sleep better tonight knowing that I have a course of action to take and I feel good about it. 

Again thank you, thank you, thank you! I am so incredibly grateful!"  

- Katie, mother to Myles (3 months) 

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Everything you need to navigate your baby's formula journey with confidence!!

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"I don't often send messages in response to internet content but I just really wanted to thank you for putting this information out there!

I am in tears reading it. I have just felt so lost! I know that changing formulas can be quite hard on their little tummies and I haven't wanted to keep changing it up without knowing that the next option I try is going to have a higher chance of success.

Honestly, thank you again from the bottom of my heart!”  

- Samara, Mother to Iggy (2 months) 

"Although I pumped as much as possible my supply tanked and I found myself stressed and researching formula nonstop.

Being a new mom that ... planned to breastfeed, formula was never in my plan … It wasn't until my lactation consultant recommended Dr. Young that I finally felt peace of mind.”   

- Sara, mother to Catalina (8 weeks) 

"Dr Young, you are a godsend. I've learned so much and wanted to thank you for being such an amazing resource. Truly, you're so knowledgeable and explain things in such a clear and concise way. Thank you so much!"  

- Nisha, mother to Izaan (8 weeks) 

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